As one of the founding members, on Nov. 16, IMSC launched the I3 consortium which is an open consortium that will 1) support an IoT test bed, 2) provide a living environment to study IoT business issues (such as usability, privacy, incentives, business models, return-on-investment), and 3) creation of an open source distributable that will enable other cities/organizations to replicate the Los Angeles tested IoT environment. I3 is an innovative IoT data management system developed by USC’s Marshall School of Business and Viterbi School of Engineering with encouragement from the City of Los Angeles and other business interests seeking to create an ecosystem that will encourage the accelerated deployment of IoT technology by creating an environment that allows citizens and businesses to form community managed data marketplaces.

After following the formal opening ceremony, IMSC team demonstrated potential I3 applications to the participants including Ted Ross, CIO of Los Angeles.

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