MediaQ is a novel mobile media management framework to collect, organize, search, and share user-generated mobile images and videos by the public. The User Generated Content (“UGC”) captured on mobile devices has documented some of the most important aspects of the human experience including natural disasters, political movements, sporting events, natural phenomena, corruption, feats of survival, and even animal tricks and celebrity sightings. This content can form an important historical record and an unvarnished, highly personalized perspective of everyday life. However, while UGC represents a revolutionary and highly democratized form of data and information collection, its potential is being underutilized by the mainstream services which do not yet have the tools to efficiently and securely tap into the market for time-sensitive UGC. To solve such issues, IMSC provides MediaQ platform which utilizes its proprietary technology.

MediaQ consists of MediaQ server and mobile app for smartphone using iPhone or Android OS. It allows video uploads from user’s smartphone to be automatically geo-tagged on a map, while also adding metadata such as its recorded real time and indicating the specific direction a camera was pointed, per frame. Media content can be exactly pinned on the map with directional accuracy. Signed participants can post specific content requests that will automatically ping other participants near a designated content assignment location enticing them to get out their phones and start recording. IMSC has developed new technologies to support the MediaQ framework:

  • Unique techniques to represent video contents have been developed by using metadata. Individual frames of video (or any meaningful video segment) will be automatically annotated by objective metadata which capture 4 dimensions in real world: capture time (When), camera location and viewing direction (Where), keyword (What) and people (Who), termed W4-Metadata, utilizing sophisticated geospatial and computer vision techniques.
  • New way of collecting videos and pictures from the public has been implemented by using spatial crowdsourcing, which makes user-generated media contents to be collected in a coordinated manner for a specific purpose. Our spatial crowdsourcing can orchestrate the collaboration of requesters and workers in an efficient way based on temporal and spatial information.


MediaQ Intro

Mobile image/video collection using MediaQ – integrated with NGA GeoQ

MediaQ AR Concept

PBS Newshour Inauguration Coverage (2013)

NATO Summit Coverage (2012)


GeoUGV: User-Generated Mobile Video Dataset with Fine Granularity Spatial Metadata.
– Published as a data track paper in ACM MMSys 2016
– Download here.

Multimedia Sensor Dataset for the Analysis of Vehicle Movement.
– Published as a data track paper in ACM MMSys 2017
– Download here.

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