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The continued evolution of technology puts a plethora of options on every organizations doorstep. Companies know they need to evolve products, services, processes, and even their core strategy in an effort to maintain and grow market share. But, resources are limited and the path forward is often uncertain. Many unknowns will need to be resolved as the organization evolves to take advantage of the opportunities available to it.
Jerry Power and the staff at The Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM) within the Marshall School of business are work closely with IMSC to shed light on these issues. The CTM team regularly studies market trends on behalf of sponsor companies to understand the enablers and inhibitors of market evolution. These efforts include an emphasis on business strategy, business processes, and market behaviors that must be understood to translate technology achievements into business success. CTM, working together, with IMSC, is able to align technology realization with business strategy.

Selected Publications

Transforming Business: Big Data, Mobility, and Globalization. Key architect, researcher, and co-author of the book Transforming Business: Big Data, Mobility, and Globalization (ISBN 978-1-118-51968-4, John Wiley & Sons, 2013.) An extensive examination of corporate use of technology (e.g. big data, cloud, BYOD, mobility), trends in deployment of technology, as well as the technology impact on culture and the resulting influence on the company’s ability to derive benefit from these investments. As a result of the research and authorship of the book, Jerry was recognized by the DFW American Marketing Association as the 2013 Marketer of the Year.

Institute for Communication Technology Management Monthly newsletter. Contributor, chief editor of monthly newsletter with circulation of approximately 5,000. Content focused on impact of technology to business and market structures.

Time Morphing: A Survival Menu in the Age of Digital Transformations. Co-Author of an upcoming book (expected 2018 release) focused on driving changes to the corporate culture that are needed to unleash the productivity potential enabled by deployment of new digital technologies. Too many companies deploy a new technology and ‘hope’ cultural change will occur; this book provide guidance for companies that look at technology as a culture change enabler and provides guidance on driving changes that benefit the bottom line.

Gerard Power

Executive Director of the USC Institute for Communications Technology Management (CTM),
Assistant Professor of Marketing


to better understand the impact of technology on the way we live our lives and the way we conduct business


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