A recent paper lead-authored by IMSC researchers, Dr. Luciano Nocera and Dr. Cyrus Shahabi, reported that wearable activity trackers could be a useful tool to evaluate and help treat cancer patients. After analyzing data gathered from a smartphone app and wristband worn by chemotherapy patients, the researchers linked lower activity levels to more unexpected health encounters, such as emergency room visits. As such, by tracking activity levels, wearables could help cancer patients receive the right treatment intensity, and act as a potential early-warning bell if a patient is not doing well. Dr. Jorge Nieva, co-author and a medical oncologist at Keck Medicine of USC, said “The project has tremendous potential to impact cancer treatment such as chemotherapy.”

Details can be found here: https://viterbischool.usc.edu/news/2021/02/wearable-fitness-trackers-useful-in-cancer-treatment-study-finds/