Cyrus Shahabi

(213) 740-8162

Associate Directors

John Krumm

Associate Director

Luciano Nocera

Associate Director
(213) 740-0478

Seon Ho Kim

Associate Director
(213) 821-0876

Affiliated Faculty

Aleksandra Korolova

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Antonio Ortega

Professor, Electrical Engineering
(213) 740-2320

Bhaskar Krishnamachari

Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering
(213) 821-2528

Carolee J. Winstein

Professor of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy

Gerard Medioni

Professor, Computer Science
(213) 740-6440

Gerard Power

Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing

Hao Li

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

John P. Wilson

Professor of Sociology and Spatial Sciences

Joon-Ho Choi

Assistant Professor, Building Science in Architecture
(213) 740-4576

Jorge Nieva, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine

Ketan Savla

Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Kiran K. Dhanireddy, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery, Keck School of Medicine of USC

Leslie Ann Saxon, MD

Professor of Medicine, Keck School of Medicine of USC

Milind Tambe

Professor, Computer Science
(213) 740-6447

Muhamaad Naveed

Assistant Professor, Computer Science, USC

Patrick Joseph Lynett

Professor, Civil Engineering
(213) 740-3133

Peter Kuhn

Professor of Biological Sciences, Medicine and Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Ram Nevatia

Professor, Computer Science
(213) 740-6427

Shaddin Dughmi

Assistant Professor, Computer Science, USC

Yan Liu

Associate Professor, Computer Science
(213) 740-4371

Technical Staff

Chrysovalantis Anastasiou

Systems Administrator

IMSC is a research center that focuses on data-driven solutions for real-world applications by applying multidisciplinary research in the area of data science.