Computer Vision

Selected Publications

The Computer Vision Laboratory at the University of Southern California is one of the major centers of computer vision research for thirty years. The lab teams with IMSC to apply research involving image and scene segmentation, video analysis, range data analysis, perceptual grouping, shape analyis and object recognition. Our approach emphasizes the use of segmented symbolic descriptions. This research has obvious application to robotics, manufacturing, mobile robots, surveillance and aerial photo interpretation.

Selected Publications

Shahabi C, Kim SH, Nocera L, Constantinou G, Lu Y, Cai Y, Medioni G, Nevatia R, Banaei-Kashani F
Multi source event detection and collection system for effective surveillance of criminal activity.
J Inf Process Syst, 2014.

Monitoring mobility disorders at home using 3D visual sensors and mobile sensors
Farnoush B. Kashani, Gerard Medioni, Khanh Nguyen, Luciano Nocera, Cyrus Shahabi, Ruizhe Wang, Cesar E. Blanco, Yi-An Chen, Yu-Chen Chung, Beth Fisher, Sara Mulroy, Philip Requejo, and Carolee Winstein
Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Wireless Health, 2013.

Gerard Medioni

Professor of Computer Science Dept.

Computer Vision Lab

Research in image and scene segmentation, stereo, motion and video analysis, range data analysis, perceptual grouping, shape analysis and object recognition

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