Retreat 2015
The IMSC Retreat 2015 will hold on April 2, 2015  [Read more]

Geo-Immersion: Realistic Virtualization of Real World. [Read more]

This project is a real-world data driven framework which enables visualization, querying, and analysis of dynamic transportation systems. [Read more]

MediaQ is a novel online media management framework that includes functions to collect, organize, share, search, and trade user-generated mobile images and videos using automatically tagged geospatial metadata.[Read more]


ClearPath is selected as the finalist in LA Auto Show's Connected Car Expo Competition


IMSC’s recent startup ClearPath will showcase its next-generation navigation system to key industry leaders at the Connected Car Expo's  FASTPITCH competition.  ClearPath is selected as one of the eight finalist start-ups that have emerged as clear front-runners among many.

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iWatch can help fight terror


USC Viterbi Professor Cyrus Shahabi is developing an intelligent surveillance system that can help law enforcement detect and eradicate threats of mass destruction.


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