Connecting Domain Experts to Next-Generation Data Platforms

Integrated Media Systems Center

Building Data Platforms for Engineering+


Building Data Platforms for Engineering+

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Building Data Platforms for Engineering+

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Our Mission

The Integrated Media Systems Center (IMSC) blends the unique resources available across the University of Southern California and Los Angeles to create a world-class, multidisciplinary hub for exploration and discovery. We engage a diverse faculty with expertise in fundamental research areas critical to every aspect of data science and are closely connected to the domain experts applying these tools through our affiliated schools and organizations. IMSC is built to deliver next-generation, custom-built data platforms based on bleeding-edge basic and applied research. These end-to-end solutions span the entire data pipeline, from the acquisition of real data to the application of mined insights, and are created for partners facing real-world problems across the globe.

IMSC is a research center that focuses on data-driven solutions for real-world applications by applying multidisciplinary research in the area of data science.