Retreat 2015
The IMSC Retreat 2015 was held on April 2, 2015  [Read more]

Geo-Immersion: Realistic Virtualization of Real World. [Read more]

This project is a real-world data driven framework which enables visualization, querying, and analysis of dynamic transportation systems. [Read more]

MediaQ is a novel online media management framework that includes functions to collect, organize, share, search, and trade user-generated mobile images and videos using automatically tagged geospatial metadata.[Read more]


IMSC participates in Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot with the ATOM-HP project

The ATOM-HP (Analytical Technologies to Objectively Measure Human Performance) project is a joint effort between the National Cancer Institute and the U.S. Department of Defense aiming at understanding human performance with the goal of optimizing performance in various contexts. For the past year, as an integral part of the ATOM-HP team, IMSC has been helping with the design of a clinical and a military study by building a platform for data collection, storage and analysis.

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IMSC Start-up Tallygo brings solutions to transportation in Los Angeles

Even beyond Hyperloops and aerospace, the strength of LA’s university system continues to lead the way in bringing new edge-case transportation solutions to market. Case in point, TallyGo, an LA-based real-time navigation startup, was spun out of technology originally developed in-house at USC’s IMSC institute. The company has since raised millions in funding from local investors and is now taking on mapping giants like Waze, Google and Apple Maps.

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