27 Feb, 2010

Past News (1996 - 2010)








  • CENIC Honors IMSC's Remote Media Immersion Project [Read More]



  • New York Times: IMSC Director on future of video players [Read More]





  • IMSC aids in creating blockbuster special effects (Photo copyright 20th Century Fox) [Read More]



  • New York Times: IMSC's Virtual Character research for movies [Read More]





  • IMSC Reaches Internet Milestone with Streaming [Read More]



  • New IMSC Sponsors: ChevronTexaco and Korean Air/Pratt & Whitney [Read More]



  • High School Students Score Success in IMSC Outreach [Read More]





  • Prof. Shahabi receives 2003 Presidential Early Career Award [Read More]





  • First-ever live immersive Internet environment at I2 conf. at UT Austin [Read More]





  • Prof. Chew named Research Area Director for Human-Centered Sciences [Read More]











  • Adam Clayton Powell III Named Director of USC Viterbi School's Integrated Media Systems Center [Read More]



  • New Haptics Systems Challenge Stroke Patients to Grasp, Pinch, Squeeze, Throw and, Yeah, Get Pushy [Read More]



  • Brandon Blair Named IMSC's Associate Director in Industry and Foundation Relations [Read More]



  • IMSC Scientists Add Geospatial Technology to Next Generation of Online Maps [Read More]



  • IMSC Research supported by new Annenberg Center Grant [Read More]



  • MacNeil-Lehrer Partners with IMSC to Make News Newer IMSC [Read More]