IMSC hosted Annual Retreat on March 7th at USC Davidson Conference Center to report its achievement through out the year. Attendee list included researchers and engineers from Microsoft, Google, IBM, HP, Samsung, Chevron and so on, and scholars from USC and other universities. 



Dean of USC Viterbi School gave an opening remark for the retreat, appreciating IMSC's contribution in Big Data Research activities which provide a platform for various fields of study, even towards social science research. IMSC Director Cyrus Shahabi gave a progress report of IMSC, focusing on Big Data Research at IMSC. This year, IMSC brought its research into another level by commercializing its transportation application to ClearPath. 

Presentations were followed by the order of the following research topics: Intelligent Transportation, Intelligent Campus, and Intelligent Surveillance. There were interdisciplinary research projects done this year such as Remote Monitoring Technology forPatients, Immersive Journalism, etc. 

In the afternoon, USC students presented their research in a poster session. The research topics included traffic pattern analysis, task scheduling using Geocrowd, Real-time video segmentation, and more. After the poster presentation, Professor Hanan Samet of University of Maryland gave a Keynote speech titled "A Map Query Interface for News". 


Throughout the day, IMSC presented the results of its last two years efforts as well as providing a forum to build a network between the academia and the industry.