19 Feb, 2013

Cyrus Gave Speech at National University of Singapore’s Workshop on Big Data Analysis

IMSC Director Cyrus Shahabi gave a speech at National University of Singapore (NUS)’s Workshop on Big Data Analysis on February 20th. The workshop was consisted of various topics in Big Data Analysis, from challenges we may face in using Big Data to specific algorithm design used for map-reduce.


Cyrus specifically gave a speech on ‘TransDec’, a main project of IMSC, which is a BigData framework for transportation decision-making. Using TransDec, large size data can be effectively utilized as it manages archived and real-time data. This framework overcomes the past difficulties of visualization, real-time integration, querying, and analysis of dynamic and archived transportation data. This overview of TransDec was followed by introduction of a commercialized mobile app ‘ClearPath’.





A number of professors from Asia and the US gave presentation at the workshop; they were from NUS, Stanford University, Hong Kong University, University of Michigan, and Portland University. The list included very prominent database researchers such as Prof. Jeff Ullman. Current NUS students also participated at the workshop as audiences.

Click here for NUS Big Data Workshop website