28 Jan, 2013 Posted by:

IMSC’s Big Data Traffic Information App Introduced at USC Digital Showcase

IMSC director Cyrus Shahabi attended USC event ‘GLIMPSE: A Digital Showcase’ on January 29th and presented IMSC’s traffic information app based on big data. Digital leaders of various schools in USC participated this event, including School of Cinematic Arts Dean Elizabeth M. Daley, ICT associate director Paul Debevec and Annenberg Innovation Lab director Jonathan Taplin, and it attracted many local media such as Los Angeles Times and Associate Press.

The traffic information app presented by Cyrus aggregates and analyze the big data provided by Regional Integration of Intelligent Transportation Systems (RIITS), a network of agencies throughout Los Angeles County. Previous data collection allows the application to predict the traffic pattern when there is car accident or other events, and the alternative route is recommended real time, which is not possible in current traffic applications. This development is highly relevant to Los Angeles, where it is known as the second-worst city for traffic in the nation.

Article about Cyrus’ presentation is available here. Regarding GLIMPSE, please click here