05 Oct, 2012

ClearPath Developed by IMSC is Ready to Enter the App Market

ClearPath, a new smart phone app for driving navigation created by IMSC prepares to enter the smart phone navigation market.

26 Sep, 2012

Geosemble Acquired by TerraGo

Geosemble Technologies Inc, a company that IMSC Director Cyrus Shahabi started 7 years ago with his colleague Craig Knoblock as a spin-off company from IMSC, was acquired by TerraGo.

28 May, 2012
NCKU-USC Research Collaboration Forum

NCKU-USC Research Collaboration Forum

Cyrus Shahabi and Seon Ho Kim participated in the NCKU-USC Research Collaboration Forum on May 29th, 2012, which was held at the National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan. The theme of the forum was "Cloud-based Immersion Services for Smart Campus and Smart City". This effort was a joint research collaboration between IMSC at USC and Touch Center at NCKU.