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19 Nov, 2010 Posted by:


I got some feedback on my previous blog on “Geo-Immersion”.

Hence, I would like to clarify here that the vision of IMSC, Geo-Immersion, and the way I would prefer to interpret the concept of “blending the real and virtual worlds”, is much broader than the previous topics of augmented-reality, virtual-reality and such. The reason is that the focuses of these older topics were mainly on the computer-graphics and visualization aspects of the Geo-Immersion. However, to me, the more exciting topics are now in the fusion of human behaviors in these two worlds. And that is why I think Geo-Immersion is more than a research topic and hence its categorization as a new computing paradigm. In my classes, when I ask my students what is their prominent use of computers, two answers are dominant: social-networking and mobile-apps (e.g., on cell-phones or iPad). To me, social-networking is bringing the real-world and its social fabric to the virtual world. And mobile-apps bring the virtual-world and its efficiency and flexibility to the real world. That is the fusion I am talking about, not the visual integration of bits and atoms!