IMSC Sponsored Projects 2011-2012

Urban Goods Movement

  • Faculty lead: Prof. James Elliott Moore, II (Industrial Engineering)
  • Description: Develop efficient methods to optimize delivery of goods in urban areas and evaluate impacts across the supply chain.
Traffic Sensor Data Analysis and Corridor Monitoring
  • Faculty lead: Prof. Genevieve Giuliano and Prof. Lisa Schweitzer¬†(USC Sol Price School of Public Policy)
  • Description: Analyze real-time and historical traffic sensor data to develop new policies towards enhancing the efficacy of the transportation systems.
Realtime Traffic Video Analysis
  • Faculty lead: Prof. Jonathan Taplin (Annenberg Innovation Lab) and Intel Corp.
  • Description: Develop vision-based algorithms to extract traffic flow data from traffic monitoring video streams using Intel's coprocessor.
Energy Literacy Platform for USC Campus
  • Faculty lead: Dr. Burcin Becerik Gerber (Civil and Environmental Eng.)
  • Description: Develop a BMS-occupant commuication module which provides building ambient factor feedback to participants for reducing energy consumption
Contact Network Analysis
  • Faculty lead: Prof. Gerard Medioni
  • Description: Develop a contact analysis tool for USC doctors/researchers at LAC+USC and CHLA.

Diabetic Data Collection

  • Faculty lead: Prof. Murali Annavaram (Electical Engineering)
  • Description: Extend "KNOWME", a wireless body area sensor network, to enable automatic collection of health assessment data for diabetic control. KNOWME is a complete, end-to-end, body area sensing system with biometric sensors that can be used to track the vital signs of an individual in real-time and in free-living conditions without interrupting the daily lives of the subjects. Previously, KNOWME has been deployed in Los Angeles, CA, for monitoring a pediatric obesity population.