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Zhang, Bingcai

Technical Fellow BAE Systems


Dr. Zhang is a technical fellow at BAE Systems, the premier global defense and aerospace company. He joined BAE Systems in September 1995 right out of University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he earned his Ph.D. in engineering college and MS in computer science. His research interests are: (1)geospatial information technology and 3D mapping; (2)robot vision and unmanned systems; and (3)3D geoweb search. He has held positions as chief architect, chief photogrammetrist, R&D manager, and technical fellow with BAE Systems. Dr. Zhang has three inventions: (1)Embedded Photogrammetry, (2)Next Generation Automatic Terrain Extraction (NGATE), and Automatic 3D Object Extraction. Embedded photogrammetry is a concept to embed a precise 3D measurement component called photogrammetry into non-photogrammetry applications such as GIS and CAD. NGATE generates 3D terrain model from stereo images. A3DOE is a production capable system that automatically extracts 3D objects such as houses, buildings, trees from a digital surface model or LiDAR point clouds.