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Brink, Jim

Reservoir Management i-field Chevron

Jim graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Missouri at Rolla in 1979. He started his career with Gulf Oil Corporation as a production engineer in West Texas. Following the merger with Chevron in 1984, he transferred to Houston and worked on the Enhanced Oil Recovery team performing reservoir simulation. In 1991 he transferred to Bakersfield and spent 7 years working in the Information Technology department. His last assignment in IT was manager of the team which was responsible for computer, database, communication, network and application support for the business unit. The next assignment was working as a reservoir engineer on the Lost Hills waterflood project. For six years, his main responsibilities were waterflood optimization and reservoir management. His next job assignment was being the SJV i-field Technology Advisor. This job assignment included managing and developing technology applications to support Chevrons i-field initiative for the business unit. In January 2009, he took on the job of RM i-field Consultant in the UC RM department.