Text to Speech Synthesis: New Paradigms and Advances

By Shrikanth Narayanan, Abeer Alwan

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Recent advances in speech synthesis will enable the development of high-quality natural voice systems with broad application in education, business, entertainment, and medicine. Text to Speech Synthesis is the first book to comprehensively document these new research trends and paradigms, balancing coverage of research and applications. It brings together seminal research by leaders in the field, drawn from both academic and industrial laboratories worldwide.

The authors and editors offer broad coverage of several key areas, including new unit selection approaches, speech representations and modeling, data-driven synthesis schemes, and expressive speech synthesis.

Coverage includes:

  • Unit Selection Methods: Reducing discontinuities at synthesis time in corpus-based speech processing, voice quality variation, and join costs
  • Hidden Markov Model (HMM)-Based Synthesis: Advanced uses of speech recognition technology, HMM-based multilingual speech synthesis, and new prosody control techniques
  • Expressive Speech Synthesis: Challenges, questions, and avenues of research, including diphone transplantation and minimization of pitch modification
  • Speech Representation and Models: A new articulatory modeling paradigm for controlling synthesis quality

This is an essential resource for all researchers working in speech synthesis and related areas such as multimedia signal processing, linguistics, and spoken user interfaces. It will also be valuable to any engineer, developer, or manager who must evaluate the latest speech technologies or integrate them into practical applications.

Text to Speech Synthesis: New Paradigms and Advances is available from Prentice Hall PTR and can be ordered from its Web site at http://www.phptr.com.