Quality of Service for Intenet Multimedia

By Jitae Shin, Daniel C. Lee, C.C. Jay Kuo

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Continuous media applications have exceptionally stringent QoS requirements, and QoS for multimedia will remain a challenge well into the future. The solution begins with service-differentiated networks capable of providing appropriate grades of service to each application. This book takes the next step, showing how continuous media applications and QoS-enabled networks can interact, and offering a leading-edge framework in which applications and the network can cooperatively optimize end-to-end QoS.

Coverage includes:

  • New video-categorization schemes for assigning video-packet-to-network differentiated service classes
  • Adaptive packet-forwarding mechanisms that improve cooperation between multimedia applications and networks
  • Dynamic QoS mapping-control schemes that let DiffServ networks deliver variable media streams with consistent quality
  • Fine-Grained Scalable MPEG-4-based video streamingoseamlessly integrating rate adaptation, prioritized packetization, and loss-based differential forwarding
  • Joint-source-network approach: layered video combining application-level UEP with network-level QoS support
  • New network service models for layered video multicasting across DiffServ networks
  • Whether you're a multimedia researcher, designer, developer, or implementer, these advanced techniques can help you optimize performance, content categorization, and quality control.

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