09 Jan, 2013

Cyrus successfully completed remote courses for Vietnam


IMSC director Cyrus Shahabi offered a remote course to two universities in Vietnam: University of Information and Technology (UIT) and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT) in Fall 2012, sponsored by Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF). The course title was ‘Geospatial Information Management’, and it was offered simultaneously to USC students.

For this remote lecture, Cyrus traveled twice to Vietnam, at the beginning and the end of the semester. The course was mainly web-casted live by USC DEN and the students had access through Webex for real-time questions and discussions.

Throughout the lectures, the students had access to one of the USC Viterbi School of Engineering (VSoE) DEN’s state-of-the-art studio classroom that was equipped with multiple video cameras capturing the teaching environment effectively. Lectures were captured and streamed as live and archived video, and were available throughout the semester. Live interactivity was provided by integrating web, phone, and video conference options. These live components within a class allowed UIT and HCMUT students to engage in presentations and discussion with the entire classroom.