29 Sep, 2014

MediaQ in USC News

USC news article, Digital Journalism, mentioned about MediaQ abilities to connect consumers with citizen journalists who happen to be on the scene of a story. 

11 Jul, 2014

PBS NEWSHOUR interview with Cyrus Shahabi about integrating play with learning


On July 9, 2014, PBS NEWSHOUR broadcasted a news titled "Integrating play with learning by California schools". In this report, GameDesk (IMSC startup) was introduced as a successful case of integrating computer play in students' learning activities in Californian schools. And, IMSC Director Cyrus Shahabi talked about how computer game playing can be used in making mathematics learning helpful for students.

09 Jul, 2014

IMSC hosts undergraduate summer interns

This summer IMSC is hosting three undergraduate students from IIT-Dehli University (India), Tsinghua university (China), and Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) as summer Interns. The students were selected and fully funded by various programs. They will stay at USC for a couple of months and participate in IMSC research activities, especially in transportation and mobile media management.

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