19 Jun, 2015

MediaQ was introduced in The citizen journalist article

MediaQ was introduced in the article “ The citizen journalist: How ordinary people are taking control of the news” by Digital Trends. Keith Nelson Jr. introduced MediaQ as an example of  supporting system to help and work with citizen journalism.
The details can be found here.
30 Mar, 2015

IMSC got awarded an NSF-JST joint project in Big Data

NSF announced six newly funded projects which improve future disaster management using Big Data. This is a part of international effort between US NSF and Japan’s JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency).

10 Mar, 2015

MediaQ in Education

As a part of IMSC’s international collaboration effort in education, MediaQ software has been successfully used in an advanced graduate level course in Germany. Prof. Matthias Renz at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany, used IMSC’s MediaQ system and software for his graduate level seminar class.

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