Retreat 2015
The IMSC Retreat 2015 was held on April 2, 2015  [Read more]

Geo-Immersion: Realistic Virtualization of Real World. [Read more]

This project is a real-world data driven framework which enables visualization, querying, and analysis of dynamic transportation systems. [Read more]

MediaQ is a novel online media management framework that includes functions to collect, organize, share, search, and trade user-generated mobile images and videos using automatically tagged geospatial metadata.[Read more]


ClearPath Raised Funding from Angel Investors

ClearPath, a next-generation navigation application developed at IMSC, received funding from group of Angel investors and is licensed from USC. ClearPath is a result of leading Big Data research at IMSC. ClearPath  - granted 3 (2 issued and 1 pending) patents - provides the least time-consuming paths for drivers by adjusting to predicted and real-time  traffic.

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MediaQ was introduced in The citizen journalist article

MediaQ was introduced in the article “ The citizen journalist: How ordinary people are taking control of the news” by Digital Trends. Keith Nelson Jr. introduced MediaQ as an example of supporting system to help and work with citizen journalism.

The details can be found here.

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